Final Inspection Checklist

To assist in ensuring your bond is returned without avoidable deductions or time delays, please refer to the following guide prior to handing back ALL sets of keys.

1) Tidy yard- mow lawn, edge, remove leaves and clippings

2) If a pet has resided at the property, a flea fumigation must be attended inside and out (receipt handed to the PM with keys)

3) Weed gardens/minor plant pruning

4) All lights fittings free of insects and wipe light switches, globes must be in working order

5) All doors and walls wiped clean and free of cobwebs

6) All skirting boards to be clean and free of dust

7) All windows, mirrors, sills, tracks and screens to be cleaned and free from dust

8) Stove, oven, grill and hotplates cleaned

9) All carpets vacuumed prior to carpet cleaning

10) All carpets to be professionally cleaned (receipt handed to the PM with keys)

11) Venetian and vertical blinds to be clean and free from dust

12) Top of cupboards/robes to be cleaned and free of dust

13) All verandahs, decks, patio to be swept and free of cobwebs, all personal items to be removed

14) Any furniture to be left in the position in which you found it and in clean condition

15) All ceiling fans, air con filters, exhaust fan vent to cleaned and free of dust

16) Grease and oil must be removed from garage/carport floors and outside areas swept

17) Sweep and mop all hard floors

18) Bathroom to be cleaned including bath, vanity, shower tiles and glass doors. All mould, mildew and soap residue to be removed

19) All toilets to be cleaned including seat, inside, edges of toilet and top of cistern

20) All laundry/kitchen sinks to be bleached and rinsed

21) All smoke alarms should have working batteries

22) Curtains to be washed or dry cleaned as per manufacturer’s instructions and rehung

23) Rubbish bins to be emptied and placed on the verge for collection, all rubbish needs to be removed from the property

24) It is your responsibility to cancel utility’s (except water) and organize mail redirection

25) All keys including those you have had cut needs to be returned to the office

26) When vacating please ensure all windows and doors are locked and the property is secure