Our Team

Meet Belinda McArthur

Beach obsessed, try hard fisherwoman, mum to 4 cherubs and anti-discrimination campaigner (don’t hold it against me)

I’m a chef by trade, I grew up in a kitchen full of Gordan Ramsey’s. These days I am a licensed Real Estate Agent, let’s just say life is a lot calmer and well-mannered but I’ll always be honest, even if you don’t want to hear it. I’d rather let another agent list your home than put it on the market at a price too high just make you happy. I don’t need to lie to get your business.

I look after my owners’ best interest beyond ridiculous levels. I once sold this house and personally chain sawed down a tree as it was in the offer and acceptance to do so and my poor sellers didn’t have time! Needless to say I acquired clients for life, which is generally how it goes with me.

My job is my life, it’s my lively hood, I was taught to work hard by my amazing parents, but it’s not all work work work any other time is spent bringing up our 4 gorgeous kids, teaching them how to swim/fish/ride bikes/skate board/surf/wave ski, it’s a tough gig sometimes, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Meet Nathan Chandler

Fishing nutcase, wannabe pro surfer, dad to 4 cherubs and undiagnosed OCD freak

I’m a carpenter by trade, I can make tables/chairs and anything out of trees, except paper. I also spent a lot of time in the offshore marine game. I’ve been a professional Crayfish diver, worked on prawn trailers and a general jack of all trades.

I was born on land but I should have been born in the ocean. When I'm not working for Mandurah Property Maintenance division, I'm either surfing/swimming/diving, catching ocean animals bare handed or trying to invent a way for humans to breathe in water.

I also own a Yacht, but between work and our 4 cherubs, I don’t get much time to sail, most nights I just sit it in the driveway, pretending I’m sailing the Bahamas. I'm an undiagnosed OCD person or so Belinda tells me, I'm a perfectionist at work. I can't leave a job until I have perfected it which takes me longer- but I'm a true believer in quality not quantity, so your property is great hands!s extensive experience & knowledge in property & land development. 

Meet Mandii Tennick

Our favourite Business Development Manager Mandii has worked in the real estate industry for well over 16 years, she has seen all the ups and downs of the market and has been sharpening her skills and tools for every blow (lately) she is full of current market knowledge, the best customer service and AHmazingly professional and friendly advice!

Having lived in Mandurah 25 years, she knows every street like the back of her hand- more importantly she understands the importance of treating people right, building relationships and working hard, bringing this attitude with her into the workplace she fits right in here at Mandurah Property Management.

When she’s not out and about mixing with our valued clients, you can find Mandii grand-daughter wrangling! She has 5 so we find that keeps her on her toes as does her new puppy Basil!

Meet Ramona Lippl

Ramona has been with us since November 2017 and a full time property manager.

In 2018 she was awarded, property manager of the year!

She loves all things customer service! She used to work on cruise ships and for the novotel for over 8 years in Germany.

Originally from Germany, Australia has been her home for over 4 years now and is soon to be her forever home, her lovely partner Scott from New Zealand have purchased a home in Lakelands and spend their weekends enjoying all that Mandurah has to offer!

Ramona would love to hear from you if you like a chat! She is extremely bubbly, kind and loves to chat!